O viata de caine....de lux

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People can see the sadness in my eyes but only me can feel it,
That’s why I chose the path of redemption and I can’t skip it,
I know that I can never be worst or better than what I am,
That’s why all my wishes are like tears in the heavy rain,
Time passes and it’s lie that what goes around comes around,
The path make us happy not the end of the journey,
It's easy to blame others for all this bad luck and sadness,
But we are the only responsible for our failures and successes,
Can we avoid pain? Yes, but not without a headache
Can we deflect from the path of God? Yes but is always a big mistake.
We don’t know but the taste is more sour as the sin is sweeter,
Because we don’t fight against flesh, blood and bitter,
We just carry our cross , we fight and we belive
On a path that only God knows where it leads!

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